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Teddy tees

Do you have a Teddy the Dog tee shirt addiction? Tucker Pet Supply is the largest distributer of Teddy the Dog tees in the Atlanta area. We even have some on our 20% off shelf. Come on in and check them out.

We also carry a broad selection of Teddy accessories, such as hats, towels, tumblers, blankets, and even sexy nighties.

Funny tees

Accessories and Toys

Accessorize your Baby

We have a great selection of leashes, collars, brushes, cleaning materials, rugs, and, of course, toys. We are always more than happy to order anything dog that you may want.

Tucker Pet Supply prides itself on supporting positive reinforcement training. We have clickers, training leashes and poop bags. However, there are some things that we don't carry:

We do not believe in products that may hurt your pet.

It's Toy Time

And of course, we have some great toys.

We have Chuckits, Fuzzy Monsters, Kongs, Mighty Dog toys, West Paw, and many others. You just have to come in and see.

Great Toys
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