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Muddy Molly

What Now?

What is the best food I can feed my new pup? Tucker Pet Supply is here to help. We have a large assortment of dry, wet, and raw food for your dog. The decision is up to you. Your dog will be your companion and best friend for the next few years. You should try to feed him right, so that he has the fewest problems and can last a good long time.

We hope to provide some information that is readily available on the internet to assist you in your choices. And of course, we want you to research pet food as much as you can. After you do, we feel confident that you will find that we have some excellent selections for your baby.


Pros and Cons of a Kibble Diet



These are just a few things to consider with the kibble diet. Dogs are different from cats. Some dogs can do fine with a kibble diet that has a grain in it. Other dogs have problems with grain, chicken, and almost anything else. It is just something of which you have to be aware as you watch your dog grow.


Pros and Cons of the Canned Food Diet



Some experts recommend that people feed about half kibble and half canned food on a daily basis.

BPA poisoning has recently become a hot topic in the pet food community. Some manufacturers including Weruva and Canidae claim to be BPA free. At Tucker Pet Supply, we try to stay on top of the most recent information, but when dealing with corporations and mass producers, it can be a little dicey, but that is what we do and who we are.

Primal Raw Food

Pros and Cons of the Raw Diet

We have now reached the raw diet. This is the diet that we would recommend for your puppy. We carry several brands of raw food for dogs, and also several freeze-dried flavors. Freeze-dried is simply raw that has been freeze-dried.



A raw diet is the most expensive of your options, but provides the most benefits. A fifty pound dog can consume around sixteen ounces of raw food per day. This provides them with needed moisture and gives them a good healthy appearance.

Now, there is one other option for the raw diet. Fix it yourself. This requires a lot of research and also perseverance. But if you can do it, go for it.

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